10 Countries That Have The Most Smokers in The World

If you are wondering which are countries that have the most smokers in the world, this is your article. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about this topic. If you tried to smoke and found cigarettes disgusting, you are lucky and may never begin smoking.

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As for me, I tried cigarette when I was five, I think. My elder brother encouraged me, and we smoked from our father’s cigarettes. It was horrible. I coughed, my eyes were in tears. Smoking can cause lung cancer, and many other serious and fatal diseases.  In addition, their advertising has decreased compared to previous years, as well as the sales rate, according to Federal Trade Commission Cigarettes Report from 2013. However, even though the public is well introduced with anti-smoking campaigns and movements, there are still a big number of smokers all over the world. I am afraid I smoke, too. It is very interesting because I began smoking only three years ago over 30. I smoke menthol flavored cigarettes, which is eventually the most popular flavor. But what about smoking in different countries across the globe?

We have picked three countries from their list for now: Chile, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Lebanon. In Chile the rate of lung cancer death is 38% of smokers. With 40% of men, and 36% of women in Chile estimated to be smokers, lung cancer death rate for Chile of 13.55 per capita seems to be relatively low. Consumption of cigarettes per person per year is 929.55. The statistics is a little worse in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as it is 38.3% of smokers. More men smoke in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) than in Chile – 47.2% of them, and fewer women – 30%. While B&H has just 0.3% more smokers than Chile, it does have greater consumption of cigarettes per person per year of 2233.46, and significantly higher lung cancer death rate of 29.5 per capita – 25th worst in the world. Lebanon got the same rate as Bosnia and Herzegovina: 38.3% of smokers. With same total percent of smokers as B&H, Lebanon just slightly differs with 45.4% of men, and 31% of women being smokers. Even though Lebanon cigarettes consumption per person per year is significantly higher – being 3023.15, lung cancer death rate is relatively low – at 15.85 per 100,000 people.

For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about countries that have the most smokers in the world.

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