10 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy

Do you know which are the 10 countries with the highest life expectancy? No? Then come with us, and check out Insider Monkey’s latest compilation. Who wouldn’t like to live longer? Supposing that we are healthy, we would like to live forever. If it’s not possible, then as long as we can remain healthy. Once I saw a documentary on the risks of heart attack among different nations. And believe it or not, but Italians were among those nations that live long. It was pretty interesting for me, as Italians eat lots of pasta and they love lots of meals that aren’t considered too healthy. The presence of Japanese people on the list was not surprising, but it was arresting that Italians were also there. Researchers started to seek the reasons of less heart attacks, and learnt that although Italians eat lots of meals that are not consumed by Japanese, but Italians live in large families. They love to come around, having great dinners together, and they deal with each other. But those Italians who left the big family and live alone, or in very small families, get heart attacks twice often as those who live in very close to their family members. Interesting, right? Therefore it’s not only the healthy alimentation but love and large families are the reasons for less heart attacks. Naturally I know, that heart attack is only one among the lethal illnesses, but it’s one of the most common ones. Anyhow, seeking the reasons of high life expectancy we mustn’t ignore the fact that living close to each other, feeling we are needed and important result longer life. And its opposite is also true: we can lead an extremely healthy life, we can inherit superb genes, if nobody needs us, and no-one misses us, we feel unnecessary and empty.

And now, let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigate for us! As usual we would like to hand you just a non-exhaustive, short foretaste. Unsurprisingly, Italy is on this list, too. Its life expectancy avarege is 82.5, which is really great, but it was enough only for the seventh spot. The average life expectancy of 82.88 brought the third spot to Switzerland on the list of the 25 countries with the highest life expectancy. For more interesting data and methodology, please check the link above!

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