10 Doctors and Specialists Who Work the Longest Hours

Which Doctors and specialists who work the longest hours? We have prepared this list of doctors and Specialists who work longer hours depending on their fields of medicine. We have also spelled out their annual income, career satisfaction, and levels of hard work they do. The AMA insurance report suggests that most of the physicians work about 40 to 60 hours per week. Though some report that they work between 60 to 80 hours per week. Most of the doctors prefer to work shorter hours.

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The study conducted by the “Annual work hours across physician specialties'” says that the doctors who specialize in vascular surgery take longer working hours up to 25 hours per week more than the doctors who practice pediatric emergency medicine. The study took the working hours of the family physicians as their basis and compared other specialized fields to family doctors who spent time in their workplace. The vascular surgeons spent 888 hours more than other family doctors while pediatric emergency doctor spent 440 hours less than the family physicians. A neurosurgery, though less time consuming was paid higher getting $616,626 annually. A dermatologist in the specialty field got well paid though it was less time-consuming. The study also reveals that workload does not influence the doctor’s feelings of overburden and career satisfaction. We did not include in our list certain doctors as they referred to more than one field. We used Medscape physician’s compensation report 2016 to know about their annual wages.

Vascular surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Medical Oncology are some of the Doctors and specialists who work the longest hours. A doctor practicing vascular surgery spent 888 hours above family doctor. According to Doximity an average salary of $428,080 is given to vascular surgeon, which ranks fifth in the specialty field. There are 30000 doctors in this field in the US. Thoracic surgery doctors do 488 hours of work and their annual salary i8s 4506,607 annually. A neurosurgeon gets $612,000 annually. Society of Thoracic Surgeons showed that lung expert and heart surgeons are satisfied with their career while an old survey in2011 says that cardiothoracic surgeons no longer work but get less paid. Medical Oncology gets $329,000 annually. They feel they are fairly compensated and are more or less satisfied with their career. They work more than 340 hours per year compared to family physicians.

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