10 Easiest And Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

If you want to study and travel the world at the same time, here is the list of 10 easiest and cheapest countries to study abroad.

Everyone cries about being a student but they don’t realize that this is the best period of your life. Sure, the exams can be hard but this is the period of the biggest opportunities ever.


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During the time of studying, you are able to work and earn your own money. This is the great opportunity for you, to know how to struggle in life and learn how to be independent, but help out your parents who financially support you at the same time.

But the even better thing is that you are able to study somewhere outside the city you live in a meet new people or even go abroad and meet new cultures. As a student, I am familiar with every new law and the opportunity that I get as a student. For example, each year the exchanging student program is organized. For example, now, our students were sent to Spain, while Spanish students are here for a month.
Some of these programs are really short term, for month or a year, while some programs allow us to be abroad since the beginning of our studying years.

The other thing that exists is the Travel and Living program where students from all over the world can travel the whole planet and earn some money. You are learning about different cultures and meeting all kinds of different people, but earn some money and a degree at the same time.

On the other hand, earning a scholarship or paying some fee to study at some other place is always an option. The problem is the economic situation from country to country. For example, students from the US can easily study in some third world country. On the other hand, students from some of the third world country would have a really hard time getting into some of the colleges placed in the US. Not because they are not smart enough but because of the big difference in the financial situation in these two countries. Sure, the scholarships exist, but it isn’t always the easiest thing to get it.

Luckily for everyone willing to study in some other country, there is the list of 10 easiest and cheapest countries to study abroad so let’s check it out.

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