10 Easiest Flags to Draw in the World

If you are a vexillologist, you definitely know what 10 easiest flags to draw in the world are, so correct me if I am wrong. If you are professionals in some other fields, at least you will get a chance to learn something new.

For the ones who are not familiar with the term, vexillology stands for the study of flags. Each country in the world has its own unique sign in a view of the flag, coat of arms, and the anthem that makes it completely different from the others.

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Flags are used for centuries, since the era of families. Each of them had their own unique symbol that represented their characteristics in only one symbol and several colors.
My personal opinion is that each flag should be easy to draw and remember since it is practically the national heritage and the general culture that every primary school student should be familiar with. However, there are countries whose flags represent a great problem to everyone, no matter the age. Those are countries that only have colors whose row is changed from country to country.

For example, people who don’t know much about flags don’t make the difference between Russian and Serbian flag since they have same colors: blue, white, and red. But there is a difference in the row of colors, starting from the bottom. Serbian flag starts with the white color, has the blue one in the middle, and the red color on the top. On the other hand, to make the Russian flag, all you need to do is turn the flag upside down so that the red goes on the bottom, the blue color is in the middle, again, and white is on the top. As you can see, just by turning one flag, you get another. But if you are a foreigner, how are you going to make the difference?

There are two other flags that are also a big trouble for people who don’t know that much about flags and those are the Italian and Mexican flag. At the first sight, they look the same. They are made of three colors and looking from the left to the right there is green, white, and red color.

The easiest way to know which one is whose is to remember that Mexican flag has the coat of arms in the middle. People, who know more about this topic will also say that the Italian flag has the lighter color but who cares if you already see, or don’t see, the coat of eagle at the white surface?

Nevertheless, let’s see 10 easiest flags to draw in the world.

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