10 Easiest Scams to Make Money on the Street

Incredible but all these 10 easiest scams to make money on the street still work, as lots of people are scammed every day throughout the whole world. So come with us to check out Insider Monkey’s latest article about this topic, and be aware of your possessions.

All these scams you can read on this list now are well-known, yet there are people who are cheated day by day. Con artists use the others’ naivety, and generosity. People generally like to help, and it is one of cards they play.  There are large number of scams where the cheater seems to be unlucky or poor. The other one is your lack of attention. In this case fraudster usually co-operatives with another person.

These scams you can see here happen in the street, but there are millions of frauds on the internet as well, because lots of people sell and buy things online. For example you buy something from someone, and you pay the item in advance, but finally you get nothing or some rubbish in the package. The seller disappears suddenly. You end up with no money and no product. Or you get the item you paid for, but in a very bad shape, so you can’t use it.

But now, without a further ado, let’s check out the 10 easiest scams to make money on the street! Don’t forget, be careful whereever you go!
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10. Currency swap scam

The first one on this list is currency swap scam, which is about you get some paper that is very similar to the currency in that country, but actually it isn’t worth anything. However it works because people concentrate on the number on the banknote and not on the looks of the note.

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9. Magic switch scam

It is said to happen so fast, that the victim can’t do anything about it, but to tell you the truth I don’t understand why. The point is that you are walking on the street, when somebody comes up to you, and offers something to buy at an extremely low price. The victim gives the money, the cheater disappears, and only then does the victim notice that he has received completely nothing for his money. Since the box contains just paper or some rubbish. I don’t understand why it can happen, because if you buy something, you do watch it before purchusing, right?

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8. Melon drop scam

Now we are here on the 8th place of our list: melon drop scam. When tourist walk around a city to see the sights, they  usually try to observe the sights: buildings, streets, restaurant, churches etc. Therefore they bump into another person who happens to carry an expensive cognac, or a water melon (in Japan it can be expensive) or other cheap thing that looks expensive. After the bump it “naturally” breaks, so the tourist has to pay a lot for his carelessness.

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7. 3-card Monte trick

We can give you only one piece of advice in connection with 3-card Monte trick: don’t try to win, because you won’t! No matter which card you choose, the right one will be hidden from you.

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6. Lost tourists scam

This is a very easy scam, but as lots of people know it, you may not find a victim very easily. It’s point is that you are walking in the street, when the cheaters come up to you telling they are tourists and they have got lost. While you help them, they try to steal your values, so be careful!

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5. Snatch and run

We are half way on our list of the easiest scams to make money on the street. Snatch and run is one the oldest scams. The scammer doesn’t need anything, just snatch somebody’s handbag off her shoulder and then to run away with it as fast as he can.

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4. Red light run scam

Nowadays everybody must be careful when they drive in a city and stop at the red lights. It’s very common that thieves suddenly open your door, grab your briefcase, handbag, laptop etc. and then they run away with it. Many times they do this scam while sitting on a motorcycle, one rides it, the other lean into your car, snatch your values and they immediately flee away very quickly.


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3. Poor grandma scam

If you want to make this scam, no prop is needed, just an elderly woman. It has got the third place on our list of the easiest scams to make money on the street. It’s main point that an old lady is walking around a parking lot and asks people for money to buy some fuel for her car.


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2. Free gift fraud

This scam is very similar to the previous one. When your victim is walking down the street, a con artist goes up to the victim and gives a card or a present that has little value. Then the con artist doesn’t need to do anything else but to ask money for the valuable gift. However, I think lots of people know this trick.

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1. Good ol’ begging

When it comes 10  easiest scams to make money on the street, begging wins the first place. You don’t need to have fo find out newer and newer scams, just sit in the street, write a witty or miserable note on a piece of cardboard, and that’s all. You will make some money with it.

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