10 Easiest Second Languages to Learn for English Speakers

Learning is the best investment, and if you learn languages, it’s even better – therefore let’s read about the 10  easiest second languages to learn for English speakers. For centuries, in Europe people spoke two languages, their own mother tongue and Latin. Latin was the official language in most of the countries. Also it was the language of the Roman Catholic liturgy. Later on, everything was available in their mother tongue, and Latin blew over.

I grew up and live in a small European country, which was occupied many times during the centuries. What’s more, our language is said to be one of the most difficult ones in the world. Consequently we are used to learning languages, and as a matter of fact, we have to learn English, and German and schools. When I was young, my country was behind the iron curtain, and there ws a strong, Russian military presence. Therefore we had to learn Russian for 10 years: 6 years at the primary school, and then 4 at the grammar school. It was obligatory, or not – I liked the Russian language, despite that we mostly studied about Lenin in Russian. Then, I was 11 when I started to learn English. I really grew to like learning languages, so I decided to learn Italian, later Biblical Hebrew, Koine Greek, Latin and Irish Celtic.

I love traveling, so whenever I visit a foreign country I prefer learning the basics of that language. Partly because you are double welcomed if you can speak a little in their mother tongue, partly because if the citizens can’t speak English or Italian there, I can get into embarrassing situations.

Either you like languages, or you love traveling, we truly recommend you to set forth learning a second language! And now, let’s see the 10  easiest second languages to learn for English speakers.

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10. Romanian

Romanian is not widely spoken in the world. Only in Romania, parts of Serbia and in Moldova. But if you want to learn a second, or third language, it won’t be too difficult for you!

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9. Danish

Denmark is a small country, and about 6 million people speak Danish, which derives from East Norse.

8. Swedish

Nordic languages are similar to each other and German. Actually, I don’t think they would be so easy, but after speaking English well, it’s a little bit easier.

Pixabay/Public domai6. Dutch

7. Dutch

Dutch is spoken by 22 million people, with 5 million speaking it as a second language. The Netherlands is a popular country to visit and to move in Europe, and if you are an English speaker you will be able to learn it easily.

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5. Afrikaans

We are half way on our list of  the 10 easiest second languages to learn for English speakers. Afrikaans derives from the Dutch language, and lots of people speak it across South Africa. 

4. French

French is not only spoken in France, but in Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and Belgium, as well. So it’s a great idea to learn it. As I can speak Italian, if a French text is written, I can understand its 70%.

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3. Portuguese

Portuguese is spoken by more than 240 million people. Similar to Italian and Spanish, it’s also not difficult to learn if you are an English spaker.

2. Italian

As it’s a modern Latin tongue, it’s quite easy to learn for English speakers. English took lots of grammatical rules from Latin, that’s why you can find large number of similar things in their grammars.

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1. Spanish

Spanish is on the first spot on the list of the  10 easiest languages to learn for English speakers. After English and Chinese, Spanish is the most spoken language across the globe, as more than 400 million people speak this language. The grammatical order is the same in both languages, as English took many basic grammatical rules from Latin.

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