10 Easiest Trivia Questions For Seniors With Dementia

If you have relatives in their golden age, but they struggle with dementia, the article of 10 easiest trivia questions for seniors with dementia is for you. I know that every eye turns to the pandemic nowadays, but it’s worth taking a look at this silent, but cruel illness. At first, what is dementia? It’s an illnesses that goes with cognitive decline. Patients generally forget about lots of things, firstly everyday things, but later on theyforget about their close relatives, even spouses and children. That’s why dementia is so heart wrenching. Patients live in the prison of their own body and they lose the most impartant parts of life: family and memories. Some of them don’t remember who they are, and telling you the truth this is the worst among the worsts. Vegetating for many years without knowing or remembering anything and anybody – I can’t imagine anything could be worse than this. There are many terrible illnesses and diesases (and of course it’s not a competition which one is the worst), but losing everything that was important for you, is really horrible. However, dementia doesn’t strike only elderly people, it’s not necessarily part of aging, as there are young people as well, who suffer from this illness, too. My Grandma for instance lived until the age of 91 and she did crossword puzzles until the “last minute”, ans she didn’t forget anything. But my best friend’s Grandma had dementia, and she had to suffer from it for more than a decade, and in the last 8 years she spent in bed without the possibility of moving and remembering anything. Death could be a real relief for her… Anyhow, as we get to know from Insider Monkey’s article, there are more than 47 million patients across the world, who suffer from dementia.

Now let’s check out some of questions. At first, this question can be interesting to be put up: “What was the name of the conflict in 1961 in which CIA-trained forces tried, but failed to invade Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro?” Or the next one is arresting about “Israeli forces defeated Arab forces in this extremely short but decisive war that took place in June 1967. What is the name of that war?” Or this one: ” Who delivered the famous “I have a dream” speech in 1963?” For more questions nad answers please click the 25 easiest trivia questions for seniors with dementia, and you will surely enjoy the compilation even if you are absolutely healthy.

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