10 Easy Songs to Sing for Beginners

If you love singing, follow the list of the 10 easy songs to sing for beginners published by Insider Monkey. Going to a karaoke bar after an exhausting week, when you are overburdoned by your boss, is a great pastime. If you aren’t brave enough to sing in the bar, you can practise at home in the bathroom. If you think to learn singing seriously, you can search a teacher for having lessons regularly. Generally romantic songs are easier to sing, but you can find other numbers on Insider Monkey’s compilation, too. And once you have practised a little and are braver, you can go to a karaoke bar and can sing with you friends. As for me, I loved all the moments when i sang together with my best friend in a karaoke bar as we were pretty good together. I mean, we will never be professional singers, but after a tiring week when we went to our favorite bar nearby we always had a very good time. And this is the most important, right? At first we had a delicious dinner in our favorite restaruant, where we always tried completely new meals. Then we walked to the karaoke bar, met other friends and started to sing together. All of us attended to musical school before, but we learnt musical instruments. If you haven’t tried singing with your friends before, I’ m telling you this is among the best feelings ever! Now, it’s your turn, read through Insider Monkey’s article, choose a song and begin to practise. Believe me, you won’t regret starting it.

And what are the easiest songs to sing? Let’s see! Just to name a few: Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley, Yellow by Coldplay, Royals by Lorde and Shotgun by George Ezra. Don’t worry, you will find lots of other songs on the list of the 20 easy songs to sing for beginners.

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