10 Free Medical Training Programs in NYC

New York City is a place when you can accomplish everything, even on a tight budget. You can learn a new language, new cooking skills, and become a medical worker by finishing some of 10 free medical training programs in NYC.

Being a medical student is really tough for your social and financial life, and not to even mention obsession and the lack of sleep and free time during the first years. Some countries are offering their trainees some salary in order to survive this period, but most of the time students are required to pay some fee in order to get the proper education.

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This isn’t fair, especially for the ones who are really smart and natural, but unable to continue their studies in the lack of financial sources. Adults will always claim that there is a way and that they can take some part-time jobs to cover the expenses, but nothing is as easy as it seems. Even if they find a job, would their salary be enough to cover all the expenses? Besides, medicine training programs don’t last 10 hours per a week. There are 12 to 36-hours shifts and medical students definitely need some rest in order to stay fresh and on top of the game. Their job is saving life and not bringing someone coffee after they worked for 24 hours without a break. So what, they should just fall asleep on top of an opened patient? In that case, would you like to be that patient? I didn’t think so.

But there is always a solution in New York City, and, if you have ever scrolled through the New York Public Library, StartClass, or even New York Times, you could run into many free classes for a variety of specialties, including medicine.
But be aware that these training programs aren’t like the ones you used to watch on Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs. They can’t make you doctors or surgeons. To get into programs where you will be trained for these kinds of specialties, you will need to pass some exams and pay some fee at least. Or maybe you will get clever and lucky enough and get the full scholarship for some of them.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a job as an emergency technician, medical or nursing assistant, pharmacy technician, to practice phlebotomy or hemodialysis, registered nurse first assistant or in a medical billing and coding, together with some of the best New York City’s educational centers, the city is offering you 10 free medical training programs in NYC.

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