10 Good Cheapest Cigarette Brands in 2017

Which are the Good Cheapest Cigarette Brands in 2017? As everyone is always on the lookout for finding a cheaper alternative to many things, we thought of making a list of the world’s good and cheapest cigarette brands. Cigarettes are quite expensive in most cities, mainly in New York. They are also an addiction and those who are reliant on nicotine are not going to stop just by seeing the exorbitant prices. There are a few smokers who are pretty particular about the brand they smoke. It is an important factor to look out for that one gets a good quality cigarette without having to compromise on the flavor and the taste. As not everyone would be able to enjoy a smoke of their favorite brands all the time, we came up with a few good less expensive alternatives.

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The price of a cigarette carton depends on many factors. One of them is whether the brand exports them or sells them within the country of manufacture. It is only natural that exported cigarettes are costlier than the ones produced within the country. Another factor is the tobacco’s quality of that year. If the weather was not supportive, the cost would probably be low to be fair to the buyer. The tobacco companies are in a war between themselves trying to get an edge over the other by coming up with new flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, or menthol! Smoke-Free’s report states that people spend a little fortune on cigarettes. For one who smokes a pack a day, they are out of $160 in a week! That’s about $8,300 a year! Contrary to the popular belief, less pricey cigarettes do not necessarily contain bad tobacco. It is just a trick by the companies to make the consumers buy more expensive products. All with the monetary disadvantage, your health is also affected by all the nicotine consumption.

We have created this list by taking the brands’ sale as per the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. Due to the high differences in price among different states, we looked at the online retailers to get a better idea. Some of them are KiwiCigs, USA Cigarettes, and Duty-Free Depot. From each of these, we selected the best brands by their sale value and chose the cheapest one. Then we calculate the average price for this. Do Remember that the price differs state to state. Lucky Strike Click & Roll, Marlboro Blue Fresh (Menthol), and Winston Filters are some of the Good Cheapest Cigarette Brands in 2017.

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