10 Happiest Medical Specialties With the Most Satisfied Doctors

What are the best medical specialties for future medical workers? Let me rephrase it: what are the happiest medical specialties with the most satisfied doctors?

Becoming a doctor is not an easy business at all and, if you thought that getting the final degree and license is the hardest thing you had to pass, you were wrong! Practicing medicine is even harder. Let’s start from the beginning.


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Each student will tell you that their college is hard and too long in their opinion. Unless those students are medical students, don’t take them seriously. Only as a medical student, you will realize what sleepless month and having almost the half of your life spent in education are.
First of all, they need to earn Batchelor’s degree. After that, there is a struggle of getting into the medical school. And, like those 5-8 years aren’t enough, there is a residency that lasts around 2 years waiting for them. During that residency, it might come to specialization, depending on the specialty the student already accomplished. If you, after all of this said, dare to ask if it is really that hard to finish the school you love, the answer is: YES! Have you ever had more than 6 night in a row without sleep? Don’t say yes unless you are a medical student. The worst and the most ironic part of all this is that the majority of medical students because of their way of life during the college become one of the patients.

Although doctors earn the higher salary than other workers in the country (except for the government, of course), the truth is that not all of them are satisfied with their incomes and position. And what about the working hours? Imagine having 48-hours long shifts? I can’t and I won’t. The truth about medical workers is: in order to become one and be able to become one of the best and most respected ones, you need to sacrifice everything: your social and love life, your family, your sleep, even your health.

If you considered medicine as your specialty, put 2 and 2 together. First of all, you need to be sure that the salary offered for the profession you are willing to work in is worth gambling your social, family, and love life? And is it really what you want. On the other hand, there are medical specialties where workers are almost completely satisfied with everything related to their job: number of patients per a day, the longevity of shifts, salary, benefits, etc. So let’s see what 10 happiest medical specialties with the most satisfied doctors are.

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