10 Hardest Countries to Immigrate Into

If you are looking for a new place to start your life, outside the borders of the country you live in, learn about 10 hardest countries to immigrate into.

People are usually dissatisfied with the general situation in the country they live in, which is why they are looking to go somewhere outside the borders of their homelands to start new lives. Most usually, it is because of the financial assets and the quality of life (such as weather, healthcare etc). The problem is getting the green ticket. And while some countries are very welcomed towards foreigners, there are the ones that are too hard to enter just for the vacation and not to even mention living in it.


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When it comes to the financial assets, most people are looking to live in countries with the most expensive currencies in the world. Why is that? Well, even if they would live an average life or sometimes even struggle to live in the country they chose, the money they will bring back home will be a lot more valuable when they get back home. That’s, of course, the situation when they are only going to be living in another country while they earn money and get back home after that.

But there are other cases when people decide to give up everything they worked for in their homeland, leave their homes, their friends, and go overboard with their families to start a new life. They look for better jobs, better positions in their professions, where they are more appreciated, for a better educational system for their children, more promising countries in a term of providing a better future for their children, better retirement options, better healthcare systems etc.

But dreaming about some foreign country isn’t enough. First of all, you need to have some initial capital to go over there because you won’t be paid anything at least for a month. Of course, there is a tone of paperwork to finish going there and even more for a green card and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted as an official resident.

For example, if you are a Hispanic, you can forget about moving to the US. While your ancestors saw it as a dreamland and applied for a green card many years/decades ago and never thought of moving back, now, when Trump got his hands on the leading chair, it is questionable how pleasant for anyone would be to be a Hispanic person living in the US. Besides, Trump already announced banning each Mexican and Hispanic person behind the borders and even building the highest wall ever seen between US and Mexico. It is a bit psychic, in my opinion, but I am not the one choosing him. Besides Mexicans, everyone now struggles with getting the green card in the US.
So let’s see now, besides the US, what 10 hardest countries to immigrate into are.

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