10 High Profile White Collar Criminals and Their Crime Cases in America

The white collar crime is a term that in the broadest sense denotes the criminal acts of persons belonging to the upper layer of society, so have you ever thought more about high profile white collar offenders and their criminal cases in America? White collar crime is a non-violent crime that’s financially driven and often committed by influential people, like business or government officials.

Did you ever hear about Jack Abramoff? Before he was convicted of financial crimes, he was a lobbyist. To some, being a lobbyist is a crime itself. He confessed to his crimes in 2006, pleading guilty to fraud. Dennis Kozlowski was the CEO of Tyco International, a manufacturing company based in Sweden. It became entangled in a $150 million scandal in 2002. Everybody heard about Ponzi. He would pay his old investors with money from new investors to amass a large sum of money. The law caught up with him in 1910. The criminality of a white collar signifies criminal acts, that is, criminal offenses specific to persons of that social status, which are, as a rule, acts of financial crime such as fraud, bribery, embezzlement, forgery, tax evasion, insider trading of securities. The white collar crime often differs from other types of crime in that it usually does not cause much public attention, but also the police, that is, the judicial authorities of the state. The reasons for this are the fact that the perpetrators of these acts are usually not only well-placed but also connected with the leading representatives of the government, i.e., top-level educated or professionally trained for a long time to hide the existence of their crimes. Another important reason is that the white collar crime does not typically contain the elements of violence, and therefore neither the public nor the state sees it as a serious threat. On the other hand, some economists, sociologists and criminologists believe that criminality of a white collar is far more dangerous to society than other types of crime because it can seriously undermine the business security of the state and the broader level of the population to do far more harm than individual acts of violence and other ordinary crime.

If you want to see more about high profile white collar criminals and more about their crime cases in America, check Insider’s Monkey list of 10 High Profile White Collar Criminals and Their Crime Cases in America.

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