10 Highest Paying Trades in Australia

Now here is a great compilation highest paying trades in Australia. Insider Monkey has served us with an excellent article as usual, it’s worth reading it! Learning a trade can be a satisfying option for lots of people who don’t want to go for tertiary education, and academia is not for everyone by any means. I extremely appreciate those who work with their hands. My brother is a carpenter and he makes amazing furniture. Working with wood is the most beautiful trade for me.

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People usually think that there are lots of unnecessary classes at universities and colleges, but i don’t share this opinion. I always enjoyed to learn things that were not really related to my main field, because I liked to broaden my mind. Trade school, however, allows you to pick a field and learn skills that are specific to that field to get you right into a career. There are no extraneous or unnecessary classes, which is suitable for people who really hate traditional schooling.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the highest paying trades in Australia from their list.
The first one is Food Trade. Annual median wage that can be earned is $51,059. This industry includes waiters, baristas, chefs, bakers, and butchers. These jobs are demanding and often require overtime, especially during special occasions and holidays. There’s a steadfast flow of demand and opportunity. Working with people is very demanding but if you are good at it, you will be successful in this field. The second trade is Plumbing Trade, where the annual median wage can be $72,000. Plumbers are said to have among the biggest salaries in Australia in terms of trade jobs. Some territories pay more than others, but the average is super impressive. The trade in general also includes pipefitters and steamfitters. The last trade we have picked up from the compilation is Construction trade, where you can earn up to $83,810. Sounds good, right? Construction is probably one of the most consistently in-demand jobs all over the world. Apart from impressive job growth, it boasts pretty high wages for all workers, including carpenters, masons, painters, insulation workers, and construction managers.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 highest paying trades in Australia.

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