10 Largest Bottled Water Companies In The World

Since the pollution made it pretty impossible for us to use some of the natural water resources, many companies, among which are 10 largest bottled water companies in the world, took this issue into their own hands and started providing clear fluids for people to use.


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As a human race, we consider ourselves the smartest species that walks on the planet. We believe that we are only species developed enough to think and speak. However, have you ever noticed that each animal species have their own language and, even though it is completely strange to us, they understand each other completely and their actions show us that they can actually think with their own head?

However, unlike other species, we are the only ones destroying ecosystems and the planet in general. With the whole industry development, created in order to bring us all more money and ease our lives, the pollution coming from those factories is destroying the ozone layer and the water.

With destroying the water, we also destroy the ecosystem and kill the animals living in them. Besides, we make it impossible for us to drink it since the water from sinks usually contains a lot of viruses and diseases. How many times have you started the water and, instead of colorless and fluid without the taste and smell, you got the yellow or a brown fluid, smelling like eggs?

As always, there is someone to collect the profit out of all of it. Companies found that the best way to earn money is to sell the bottled, initially cleaned water that is supposed to be healthier than the one we have in our sinks. Some of them admit that the water they sell is actually natural water that goes through several filters for cleaning it up and through several checkups before it is put in the bottle and on the shelves in the market. On the other hand, some of them try to sell us a story about collecting it directly from the clean lakes or sources. But how would they be even possible to bottle that many gallons of water per a day?
However, between 2000 and 2015, the bottled water sales grew by an impressive 120% overall and the global bottled water market is expected to reach $279.65 billion in 2020.

And how much these bottled water companies earn now? Read the full article 10 largest bottled water companies in the world to find out.

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