10 Largest Canadian Gold Mining Companies

How much do the natural resources in Canada worth? Let’s see 10 largest Canadian gold mining companies to at least get some insight in this field.

As it turned out, Canada is very rich in gold. According to the information gathered from several official sites, it produced around 160 metric tons of gold during 2016, which made her among the five best gold producing countries in the world.  The other four were, ordered by the amount of produced gold, China, that produced a bit less than a half of a million metric tons of gold (455, to be more precise), Russia, with 270 metric tons of produced gold. Russia shares a place with Australia, that also produced 270 metric tons, and the last country that was ranked among the top 5 countries that produced the most gold in the world in 2016 was the US that produced 209 metric tons of gold in 2016. Altogether, these five countries produced almost a half of the global output, 1,354 metric tons of round 3,100.

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Even when we talk about the biggest gold mining companies on a global level, Canadian companies have to be mentioned as well. Five out of 20 biggest gold mining companies in the world by revenue are located in Canada including the second ranked in the whole world.

According to the several resources, the largest Canadian gold mining companies or the ones with the highest revenue are DETOUR GOLD CORPOR COM NPV, B2Gold Corp, New Gold Inc, CENTERRA GOLD INC COM NPV, IAMGOLD Corp, Yamana Gold Inc, Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd, Kinross Gold Corporation, Goldcorp Inc, and Barrick Gold Corp. Each of them worthy from a half of a million dollars to several billion. The gold mining company that came out first on the list as the largest Canadian gold mining company was Barrick Gold Corp (USA) that was worth by the end of 2016 $8.56 billion. It is the second largest gold mining company in the whole world. To see the rest of the list, check out Insider Monkey’s article about 10 largest Canadian gold mining companies!

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