10 Largest Hotel Chains In The US

Do you know what are the largest hotel chains in the US? Hotel chains may partially or fully own the properties that they manage. They also offer their consumers hotel rooms across budget categories under different brand names. The United States of America is the world’s biggest economy and a key center for innovation.

One of the largest hotel chains in the US is Best Western International Inc. With a revenue of $296 million, the hotel chain ranks 10th on our list of the largest hotel chains in the US. Best Western International operates more than 4,000 hotels and is headquartered in Arizona. Another one is Drury Hotels. Drury Hotels is an American hospitality group based in Missouri. The chain operates 130 locations in 21 states. Do you know when the chains of the hotel were invented and build? At the beginning of the emergence of some world hotel chains, such as InterContinental Hotels Corporation, there was a need to accelerate the development of individual regions in the world. Thus, on the suggestion of the then US President, Ruzvelt, he bought a hotel in Belém, Brazil, to contribute to the acceleration of the development of Latin America. Hotels often strive to expand to the international market. The development of transport and cheap, low-cost flights, along with the elaboration of the economy, only provide additional benefits for the expansion of tourism. With the facilitation of crossing borders between countries, favorable conditions for the enlargement of the hotel to foreign markets are gaining. The desire for the capital increase, as well as the creation of an internationally recognizable brand, is emerging. Even if it does not involve cheap labor, the expansion of hotel chains to other continents provides greater efficiency. In this way, the hotel chain can quickly meet the guests and fulfill their requirements. Since hotels are tied to the place they are located, the hotel chain offers the opportunity to offer tourists accommodation in geographically remote locations, while retaining certain standards. It is then often that the hotel is opened in less developed countries, which has an excellent geographical position. The governments of these countries are ready for concessions that would reduce the costs of hotel chains. On the other hand, the hotel chain brings capital, educates the workers of these countries and contributes to the reduction of unemployment. Hotels are from small motels by the side of the road that offers to lodge grown into mini towns with shops, hairdressers, and pools, so guests do not even have to leave them during their stay.

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