10 Largest Oil Tanker Shipping Companies In The World

Do you want to more about 10 largest oil tanker shipping companies in the world? The 10 largest oil tanker shipping companies in the world are a mix of both private and government owned companies.

Until the seventies of the 20th century, the United States was the largest oil producer to fully meet its needs and export a good deal of oil. The rest of the world has become increasingly dependent on oil imports, primarily from Venezuela and the Middle East. After the Second World War, a period of significant expansion of the oil industry begins. To meet the needs of the marketers of a large oil multinational company, they have increased oil exploration and production, as well as the construction of refineries. The Middle East at the beginning of the 1960s enormously increased the production of oil and became the primary supplier of Western Europe and the Far East. In the meantime, the USSR successfully developed its oil production that complied with the domestic consumption and use of the countries of Eastern Europe. Until the beginning of the 1970s, the world oil market was dominated by multinational oil companies, known as “seven sisters.” Maran Tankers Management (MTM) is a Greek oil tanker company and part of the Angelicoussis Shipping Group Limited, and it is one of the largest oil tanker shipping companies in the world. Sovcomflot Group is Russia’s largest shipping company and specializes in the transportation of crude oil and from icy regions and currently has 145 vessels with an average age of eight years. Oil consumption grew with the introduction of new plants, the development of chemical and petrochemical industries. Extreme consumption growth was between 1960 and 1980. when production tripled. This is due to the high evolution of the automotive industry, the petrochemical industry and the replacement of coal with oil as fuel. By introducing measures of rational use of energy, which began after 1973, the first results were visible at the beginning of the 80’s of the last century. By introducing conversion processes in oil processing technology, it was possible to obtain high-viscosity products at the cost of fuel oil and thereby reduce the need for oil. At the beginning of the 21st century, energy saving and increased energy efficiency will play a significant role, and further growth in oil consumption will depend solely on the speed of oil resources with alternative energy sources.

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