10 Least Corrupt Countries in Africa

Do you know what are the least corrupt countries in Africa? Corruption in Africa has been a major issue for decades, with everyone getting in on the act, from the government and judiciary to the local police.

Corruption, simply, flourishes in countries where there are no developed institutions of the system and civilian control, and most striking are when it enters the police and judiciary. Corruption in almost half of the world’s countries does not improve, and in some cases, it is even worse – affecting virtually every aspect of life on all continents. Countries around the world need money to be able to function, but how they come to that money are different. In all countries there is corruption, only some of them are better able to deal with this problem. One of the least corrupt countries in Africa is Ivory Coast and South Africa. The corruption in Ivory Coast is present in all levels of bureaucracy, including the much-maligned police. Furthermore, due to civil war, government position and the country’s infrastructure has been decimated, thereby giving the law enforcement officers even greater impunity. Corruption laws in South Africa are very stringent, as evidenced by the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Act. Corruption is difficult to obtain evidence, since most cases are done without a witness, possibly with one mediator, and both sides are in some way gaining.  Therefore, many corruption scandals in the West were resolved by the court of the public even when there was not enough substantial evidence. There is moral responsibility in the politics and court of the public even when there is no criminal liability. Corruption causes big and adverse consequences in society. It automatically violates the universal principle of equality of all citizens before the law, which is enshrined in Serbia by the Constitution. It creates a system in which the privileged material is more material, or with good connections. Corruption can be present in many aspects of life, and thus there are white, gray and black, or, on the other hand, centralized and decentralized corruption. Decentralized corruption is corruption that does not apply to a state apparatus, and centralized corruption takes place at the very top of the state.

If you are interested in this topic and want to know more about 10 least corrupt countries in Africa, check Insider’s Monkey list of 10 Least Corrupt Countries in Africa and find out more about the article.

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