10 Most Civilized Countries in Africa

If you still consider Africa being compiled of all tribes and wildlings, I can prove you are wrong with only 10 most civilized countries in Africa.

Whenever someone mentions Africa, we immediately remember pictures of bald black children, with visible ribs, that beg for a piece of bread. We always think of these countries as places where the hunger and diseases rule. Place where the most donations collected worldwide should go. But does it ever occur to you that there are developed parts of Africa, where people live normal, without wondering if they would survive the next month, where people are literate?

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We are filled with judgments. We focus on facts that are most widely known and spread and, based on them, we create our own opinions that, surprisingly, completely agree with opinions of others. We share our claims on the next generation and they would share it with a generation that will come after them and there would be only a few people in each country that will try finding out the other part of the story.

Like every other continent, Africa has undeveloped parts. Some parts are really poor. Children die of hunger or cold, many of them die because they are not properly treated for some disease. It is true that the big part of Africa is infected with HIV, which isn’t that surprising given the conditions those people live in. But, while we are focusing on helping those people that really need all of our help, we can not forget about the ones that are doing just fine.

There are plenty of countries in Africa where people have insurance and proper medical care. There are parts where people are well-dressed, going out, having fun, socializing, buying houses, and traveling. There are parts where all children are entitled to education and the majority of them are finishing colleges as well, both in Africa or by getting some international scholarship. There are parts of Africa where the economy is well-standing or increased each year.

Insider Monkey recently did a research in order to move the stain from Africa. They took a step forward and focused on the HDI (Human Development Index). First, they took a look into the life expectancy in each country because the average longevity of life says more about some country than the number of hospitals in it. There can be 10 hospitals concentrated in one city, but if the life expectancy isn’t long, it means that these hospitals don’t serve their purpose. The other data they took into consideration was the access to knowledge, and the last, but not least important, the gross national income per capita. After summing up all the information, the list was ready to be published. To see the results, click on 10 most civilized countries in Africa.

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