10 Most Common Snakes in America

Which are the Most Common Snakes in America? There are many species of reptiles living in many kinds of environment. Though America does not possess many poisonous snakes, like those found in Australia and India, many common snake species are found in the states of Florida and Texas. Florida has the surroundings and atmosphere of the snakes to flourish. 50 species of the total snake species are found in Florida alone, many of which are not poisonous. Python, which is not native to Florida is found in the wild areas of this place. Amazon is home to a large number of snakes in America. Snakes here behave in a different manner in each region, some are shy while others are dangerous.

Image Credit: Pixabay

It is very difficult to decide which are the most common snakes. It could be that our judgment is based on the area they occupy or the number of species or maybe both. We made a study of the allocation of the reptiles in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, which has over 100 species and the number declines as you move on to the South or North. We have compiled the facts about the snake species from Snake Facts, Live Science, and The Reptile Database. As per these websites, many species are non-venomous snakes. Read on to know more.

Fer-de-lance, Rattlesnakes and Northern water snakes are the most common snakes in America. Fer-de-lance snake seems to the commonest and the most poisonous of the species. These are not only found in the rainforests, but also in other places like lowlands, Atlantic lowlands, savannahs, and agriculture lands. They have developed various colorations, due to the environment and are scarcely detectable. They grow to about 2 meters long and the females usually outgrow the males. They are dark and have the diamond shaped pattern on their bodies. Rattlesnakes get their name from Greek. They are found in North America, Canada, and Mexico. They have developed the heat vision which allows them to detect their food in the darkness also. They have diamond shapes throughout their body. Northern water snake lives in the whole Eastern part of the US. These snakes stay around rivers, creeks, and the marshes. These snakes are non-venomous and they are long, around 130centimeters.

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