10 Most Famous Hindu Temples in America

Would you like to visit some great Hindu monuments? Stick with me while we find out what the 10 most famous Hindu temples in America are.

As you might already know, America is multinational country, counting at least a hundred people of each nation. As far as the Hindu population is concerned, there were 2.69 million Hindu citizens in America according to the national poll statistics from 2008. Why national poll instead of the government? The explanation is simple. During each census, citizens are obligated to give their basic information that includes the address, number of people they are living with, date of birth, ID number, working status, but they have the right to avoid the question regarding their nationality, which is why, until this law changes, government won’t have any specific information regarding this field. But since Trump is around now, there might be the chance that we have this information in the next year or two, but with the decreased number of the Hispanic population maybe even to zero, but that’s another story.

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According to the research done by the Pew Research Institute in 2016, the number of Hindu population is a bit reduced to 2.1 million, but this number still represents 0.4% of the entire American population. Like there have to be as many Catholic churches as people can put in the same area where Catholics live, there also must be many Hindu temples for these more than 2 million people.

To be exact, there are 254 Hindu templates in the US in 37 states. The first one, Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam, or, simply Ganesh Temple, was built in 1977 in New York. Although it was done in 1977 it was opened for public as soon as the construction works started, in 1970 and was used for events linked to Hindu religion and tradition. This one popped up on the list of 10 most famous Hindu temples in America, and today it is used as the Hindu Temple Society of North America.

Before we go on to the rest of the list, we have to mention one more Hindu temple that, unfortunately, didn’t take any place on the list, but is still worth mentioning. Just like the Ganesh Temple is one of the most important Hindu temples in America because it was the one that broke the wall and made the first step into the dreamland, the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia was worth mentioning because it is the biggest Hindu temple not just in the US, but in the whole world with the amazing 820.000 m2.. Even though India is trying to beat it with even bigger one, Angkor Wat will still remain the biggest temple in America.

So which temples are on the list as well? Let’s check out Insider Monkey’s website by clicking on the link and find these 10 most famous Hindu temples in America.

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