10 Most Generous Companies In The US

Do you know which are 10 most generous companies in the US? A recent study done by Cone Communications found that 91% of global consumers expect companies to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues and would boycott a company if they learn of it engaging in unethical business practices.

A corporation or a company is a legal entity, often having similar rights as a natural person to possess property, indebted, sued or be sued. Its purpose is to unify, group business interests and represent the most common form of business association. The corporation is the most developed form of capitalist society. It has many advantages over other legal forms of the company. The company succeeded in removing all the weaknesses of partner companies, especially those related to risk since in the case of bankruptcy of the corporation, the owner of the shares loses only what he invested in the shares. We all imagine that after finishing the faculty, we work in a big company. Work in such companies gives us a lot of new opportunities, experience and ugly earnings that is satisfactory. Some of the world’s largest companies are so influential that they are considered stronger than some countries in the world. Although there are a large number of them, only some of them are the largest and most famous. One of the biggest companies in the present time is also those dealing with information technology. The modern use of information technologies has resulted in the emergence of a new type of business-e-business. Electronic commerce and e-commerce have altered many things, including the utilization of the Internet itself. E-commerce follows the same basic principles as a traditional business, where consumers and vendors jointly exchange items and money, but much easier, faster, and more efficient than traditionally doing business. The profit of these companies is measured in billions of dollars annually. They are constantly looking for new, young, promising people who have innovative and exciting ideas. So do you know which are 10 most generous companies in the US? With cash donations of $149 million, Target Corporation ranks 10th on our list of the 10 most generous companies in the US. Target, America’s second-largest retail chain, focuses on giving for causes such as education, the arts, and public safety. Another one is Alphabet Inc. Google is America’s second-largest multinational company based in San Francisco, California. Google was named the most valuable brand of 2016 by Forbes. The company is also considered to be an appealing place to work, as it treats its employees well.

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