10 Most Important Issues and Problems Facing America That Can Be Solved

America is struggling with all kinds of different problems, although it seems at the first sight that it is the perfect country, that everything spins around about the freedom and happiness, while, on the other hand, it is facing wars, poverty, decreased economy, lack of industry, and most of all, unsatisfied people. 10 most important issues and problems facing America that can be solved are both related and caused by people, but with the help of the strong will, they can be solved by humans themselves.

I already talked about the 10 biggest causes of suicide in America, but I am not the only one who tries to find the solution to this problem. Unfortunately, we can all, for now, save one of two people at the time, but what happens with the rest of 119 more committing suicide each day? And trust me, these people are not the only ones having suicidal thoughts. Around 121 people daily are determined to act on a daily basis. The other ones are just struggling with thoughts. But we have to start somewhere and, although these 2 people per a day aren’t enough to save the world, at least they are starters.

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But now let’s be a bit more optimistic and talk about issues that have the easiest solutions, but people find them pretty hard to deal with. No matter what you say, having a different view and changing your attitude can fix a lot of things. For example, you don’t trust people? You think that everyone you meet is bad and has some bad intentions? How to resolve this? Ok, you don’t have to start believing everyone and everything you hear, but, at least stop being suspicious as soon as you meet someone. Find the middle and be neutral. It is as simple as that.

Are you over-obsessed with food? Learn self-control and restraint. Put your favorite dish in front of yourself when you are not hungry at all and let it be there. Don’t jump right to it just because it is your favorite and you already feel the need to eat although you had a rich meal half an hour ago. If you think that you are not strong enough to do it by yourself, get a friend or a family member to slap your fingers as soon as you try to reach it. Checked!

You think you are too selfish? Ok, try putting yourself aside in some situations and help the ones that need your help and give something to someone that needs it more, especially if you don’t need it at all. This doesn’t mean that you should give up on everything, but sometimes you just need to be a Good Samaritan. Especially if you are the one asking for a favor all the time.

You think you have bad posture? Sit straight, lay down straight, walk straight. It might hurt or be uncomfortable for the first few times, but I know you can do it. And you should believe in yourself too.

You see how simple this is? Have a look at the other examples of 10 most important issues and problems facing America that can be solved and improve the quality of your life.

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