10 Most Profitable Companies in Europe

10 most profitable companies in Europe that we are about to present are all together worth $104.08 billion, which is far more than combined GDP of the nine European countries with the smallest GDP and the GDP of 19 individual European countries.

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The individual European companies are influencing the whole European economy for $16.518 trillion per a year, which makes it one of the economic powerhouses in the world. On the other hand, these 10 most profitable companies in Europe that you are about to read about are all placed in two different areas. Actually, two different sides of the continent and it seems that the left side is a bigger winner with 4 companies placed in Switzerland, 3 in Germany, one in Ireland and one in France, while the other side of the continent is, at least in this field led by Russia. The biggest and most profitable European market seems to be pharmaceutical industry such as Novartis AG, placed in Switzerland, with the annual income of $6.71 billion, Roche Holding, worth $9.43 billion, and It is important to mention that Roche Holding is the third biggest pharmaceutical company in the whole world, and, of course, Allergan pic Ordinary Shares, with the annual profit of $14.97 billion. The one feature that helps Allergan pic Ordinary Shares gain so high profit is that the Irish government made a great deal for businessmen with low tax rates.

As for placing themselves on the list of most profitable European companies, car and financial industry also aren’t far behind.  As you might already assumed, the country that is mostly concentrated in the car industry is Germany, while Switzerland is more of a banking fan. After all, their National Bank is worldwide known and in 2014 they gained an income of $38.95 billion. Unfortunately, it suffered a big loss of $22.82 billion next year, which brought it back in 2016 with $24.10 billion. Still, it remained as the most profitable company in the whole Europe without any competition.

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