10 Most Profitable Companies in India

Although 10 most profitable companies in India aren’t making as much money as their colleagues from other continents they are still the biggest economic sources in India.

The combined profit of these 10 companies that I am about to present is around $8.68 billion, which is the biggest proof of India’s economic growth in the last couple of years. Speaking of it, India is often compared to China because of their unusual similarity in the last decade. Although they are led by completely different politics (China is a communist country, while India is very proud of its democratic way of life), there are certain things that those two have in common.

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First of all, they all count more than a million citizens, which is the 30% of the entire world’s population. The second thing is the recorded economic growth in the past decade, and the third one is their classifying as industrial countries. But besides the politics, there is something that breaks these two countries down and that’s the overall income of their biggest companies. While China has 32 companies in the ‘’three comas’’ club, as you will see later, there are only 3 Indian companies that made an income in the last fiscal year of over $1 billion. These companies are the Indian Oil Corporation Limited, which has a leadership over all Indian companies in the Fortune Global 500 list with the amazing $53.70 billion of the total revenue in the fiscal year of 2016, but their total income at the end of the last year was $1.69 billion.
The other Indian company that made the total income of over $1 billion in the last fiscal year was State Bank of India and their profit for that year was $1.84 billion. On the other hand, the total revenue of the State Bank of India was estimated to be $13.87 billion. And the company that made it on the first place on the list of 10 most profitable companies in India according to the data taken from the Insider Monkey regarding the net income for the fiscal year 2016 was Coal India Ltd with the total net income of $2.15 billion. The total revenue was a bit lower than the previous ones mentioned, around $11.39 billion.

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