10 Most Profitable Companies in the World in 2017

Which are the Most Profitable Companies in the World in 2017? Here is the list of the most commercially beneficial companies in the World in 2017. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has the top most earnings in the world i.e., it earns about half-a-trillion dollars in each year. Even then it does not look attractive for investment purposes. It shows that being a top company necessarily does not mean only earning more, it also means assuring that the earnings that are spent on the business should give you the maximum income. In this list of the ten companies, four are Chinese, the others are American, Japanese, and Swiss with one company each confirming the two countries as the most prosperous countries of the world.

Of the ten companies, seven of them are banks with four from China, two from the US and one from Switzerland. The other three are a tech giant, a holding company, and a car company. This shows that the financial situation of the Great Recession is over, and now these companies have started to come up and have been attracting money in a big way. The combined net income of these companies in the list is $284.71 billion and it is more than the domestic goods of 173 countries of the world. Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China Ltd, Apple Inc., Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Industrial, and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank Corporation, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Schweizerische National bank, Wells Fargo & Co, and the Toyota Motor Corp are one of the most profitable companies in the world.

This list is produced and arranged according to their net income. Apple Inc., Agricultural Bank of China and Schweizerische National bank are the most Profitable Companies in the World in 2017. Net income for the fiscal year 2016 for Apple Inc. is $45.69 billion. The income of this tech giant has gone down this year from $53.39 billion in 2015, but it still retains the first position in the year 2017. The net income for the fiscal year 2016 of the Agricultural Bank of China is $26.49 billion. Agriculture Bank of China is state controlled and has brought in the biggest IPO in the year 2011. Schweizerische National bank’s net income for the fiscal year is $24.10 billion. The income of this bank has swung during the past years from $38.95 in the year 2014 to $22.82 billion loss in 2015.

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