10 Most Profitable For Profit Hospitals in America

What are the Most Profitable For-Profit Hospitals in America? This list talks about the most profitable for-profit hospitals in America. They provide high-end healthcare services to the patients, mainly those living in the urban areas. There is a wide difference between the for-profit and the non-profit hospitals. Non-profit hospitals are not required to pay any federal or state tax though they are required to put back their profits into improving the hospital’s infrastructure and services. They need report every community benefit offered by them, even Medicaid-covered services. On the other side, for-profit hospitals are usually private. They are owned by individuals or by public shareholders. The profit is generally shared among them. Capital can he raised with help from the investors. These hospitals are not exempted from paying property and income tax. Due to this, these hospitals face criticism for putting their interest over that of their patient’s.

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An example, the for-profit hospitals usually invests in those services which promise higher returns. There are arguments which state that some of these hospitals even go as far so as to refuse medical help to those who are covered by Medicaid or those who do not have a health insurance. They prefer those with private insurance. As the financial position of the for-profit hospitals is undeniably better, they are able to provide the hospital with better infrastructure and services, giving the patients high-quality medical care. According to a health policy researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health, Ashish Jha, only 20% of all the hospitals in the United States are for-profit. To be honest, it makes little difference if the hospital is non-profit or for-profit. What does matter is the service quality offered. Ones that keep a low country of medically induced problems to the patient are what is needed. Both are capable of doing that if they can just prioritize the patient over profit.

In our list, you will find many hospitals owned by HCA Holdings Inc, such as Las Palmas Medical Center, Medical City Dallas Hospital, CJW Medical Center, and Methodist Hospital. The HCA is based in Nashville and is one of the biggest for-profit health care facilitators in the United States. They have other sources of revenue as well; as they own many other subsidiaries such as low-cost health care services and workforce management, apart from hospitals. Methodist Hospital, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, and Oklahoma University Medical Center are a few of the Most Profitable For-Profit Hospitals in America.


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