10 Most Unsafe Dangerous Airlines In America

Which are the Most Unsafe Dangerous Airlines In America? Many people fear traveling in the air as it appears to them their lives are in the hands of the pilot or God. This helplessness is in all modes of travels. In 2016, there were the most minimum air crashes. Only 19 fatal crashes with 325 deaths reported. When compared to others, over 35000 people in the US were killed in car crashes in 2015. Data given by Northwestern University shows that only 0.07 deaths per 1 billion passengers’ miles were via air. This is safer than rail travel which was 0.43. Cars had 7.28, motorcycles on a high side at 212.57 deaths per billion.

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Air travel is now popular in spite of its safety concerns. The passengers are not scared because only 1 in over 10 million is killed. In case of lightning 1 in 7000,000 are killed. The act of terrorism does affect the airline stock price as it is closely related to tourism. Air travel is safe in that only 5 out of the 16 US based carriers which were analyzed by airlineratings.com got less than perfect safety ratings. Ratings are done taking various data into considerations like IOSA certified and last 10 years performance.

The data was obtained from the Aviation Safety Networks. Our studies related to regional or mainline carriers in U.S. United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and SkyWest Airlines are among the Most Unsafe Dangerous Airlines In America. United Airlines has a number of 87 safety incidents. United Continental Holdings Inc. has not had any major accident after 9/11 terrorist attacks when Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked two planes, one of them crashed the World Trade Center. In spite of this, it ranks second with 87 safety incidents. It ranked fourth in terms of passenger miles flown in 2016 at 143,177,000.

Alaska Airlines is a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group, Inc. The last major accident was on January 31, 2000, killing all the 88 people on board a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 which crashed into the Pacific Ocean. SkyWest Airlines has safety incidents of 6.It is a subsidiary of SkyWest Inc. It has recorded six safety incident which has resulted in in21 deaths and three of the six incidents were fatal. The last incident, however, was not due to any fault in aircraft operations but because a wanted man got access to CRJ-200 passenger jet at Saint George Municipal Airport in Utah.

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