10 Part-Time Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour

What are the Part-Time Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour? If you are looking for a job, but for some reason, you are not able to devote yourself full-time, we bring you this list of the Part-Time Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour. People who are in poor health will not be able to go out and work full time and so, part time jobs become the perfect solution. Students too might be having a bit of a money crunch which they could solve by working part time. Working part time is a great idea as it helps youngsters to learn about responsibility and makes them independent.

Makeup, Make-Up Artist, Brush

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We went through some of the older Insider Monkey lists as we have talked much about this. We also obtained information from websites like Trade-Schools and Job Network for more ideas. We checked out the hourly wages of the ideas sourced from our previous lists as well as the ones obtained from the above-mentioned websites. We have included both home based jobs as well as the ones for which you will have to step outside, giving you plenty of options. We made sure every job in this list pays an average of $20 an hour.

Babysitter, Waiter, and Make-up Artist are some of the Part-Time Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour. Elderly people and kids often need someone to look after them or just give them company. If you are responsible and/or have experience in this, you will find no dearth of employment opportunities. Many families and couples look out for babysitters. This is also one of the most common and easiest options out there. Cafes and coffee houses are always on the lookout for additional hands. During the peak season or during the weekends at rush times, they employ more staff to deal with the crowd. Along with your official pay, you can also make money in tips! Make-up Artists can earn a lot and it is fun! If you are not experienced in this, you can learn by seeing YouTube videos and experimenting on yourself or on your friends. It is not that hard at all. Once you are confident about your skills, you can approach your clients and give them the makeover of their lives! Check out the entire article for more ideas on the Part-Time Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour. All the best!

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