10 part-time jobs that pay $20 an hour

Would you like to take some part time job, but want to avoid the minimum wage as much as you can? Guess what: we found 10 part-time jobs that pay $20 an hour and, although these jobs require at least some skills, it is nothing that you can’t take a quick course and become the professional of that matter. So what can you do for $20 per an hour that won’t take your whole day?

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As always, we should start with babysitting. The advantage of this job is that it doesn’t require some certificate or have the age limit, so, whether you are just starting high school, or already have grandchildren on your own, if you have enough good recommendations, expect your phone line to be hot all the time. Every parent wants the best for their child and there isn’t too much money you can ask for in return to keep an eye and work with their angels. You can gain an experience by babysitting your neighbor’s children or your little relatives for starters. After a while, you can start applying even to work for the unknown families, and who would write the better and more honest recommendation than the ones that met you while working for them? There wouldn’t be any previous bond or recommendation based on feelings. All the things they will say for you would come up from their and the satisfaction of their children. If you love spending time with toddlers but have no idea what to do with them when you are alone, there are a bunch of tips online of crafts and activities you can start with them and teach them something new instead of just giving them snacks and allowing them to eat in front of TV.

Speaking of babysitting, there is one more similar job that can be priced more than $20 and that’s taking care of seniors. The brighter side of this, most of them are either just looking for someone to make sure that seniors are getting their medication on time or just someone to spend time with them and listen to stories from back when they were younger. Nothing hard, nothing skilled-required, and nothing that will take the most of your time.

Or you can simply put the online ad about giving the personal or online tutoring for $20 per hour. And, if you are good enough, you will just be sitting in your home and watching the number of people looking to pay for your service.

And what else can you do for $20? For now, we tracked down 10 part-time jobs that pay $20 an hour. If you have more suggestions, be free to add them in the comment section and we will be thrilled to add it to our list.

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