10 Safest Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Families

Which are the Safest Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Families? In the year 1984, a middle-class African American family moved to Brooklyn Heights. It was considered to be one of the safest areas for families. This family worked in the US television where the episodes were of those themes and funny situations a normal family comes across on a daily basis. The “Huxtable Home” had given the viewers a peaceful atmosphere and safety. Such neighborhoods which were fictional back then is in demand like never before today. Now, what really is drawing the crowd to these peaceful areas and throughout Brooklyn is the aspect of safety to themselves and their families.

Image Credit: Pixabay

We have created this list of the neighborhoods within the Big Apple’s Brooklyn borough, which is the safest and the ones desired by most of the homeowners. To arrive at the conclusion, we studied the crimes in the neighborhoods, all along Brooklyn from Flatbush to Williamsburg in the past one year in order to get an idea of which area is crime free and which is not. We have prepared a list which you can go through if you want to know about the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. We hope this list will give you an insight of the neighborhoods you are looking for.

18th Avenue & 51st St, 19th Ave/ 47th Street, and Avenue S & E. 24th St. are among the safest Brooklyn neighborhoods for families. The size of the 18th Avenue & 51st St’s neighborhood is 191,382. The total crime rate is 1,129 and crime per 1000 residents is 5.89. This neighborhood is near the division of police department and hence, it boasts of a very low crime rate per thousand residents. The rental is under $2000 per month and the mode of transport adopted by the 39% of residents is to go to work is by walking and the rest of them take the train. The rest of the 12% opt for work from home. Now, coming to the next on the list, 19th Ave/ 47th Street. The neighborhood is 191,382 in size and the crime per thousand is 5.9. Avenue S & E. 24th street’s neighborhood size is 159,528 and the total crime rate is 1000 persons per 7.94. Check out the complete article to get more information on the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

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