10 Top Companies and Best Jobs for Industrial Engineers

As an industrial engineer you are probably getting many job offers on a daily basis and you are able to pick the one you want. If you ever get the offer from one of the 10 top companies and best jobs for industrial engineers from the list below, don’t take your chances but grab that opportunity ASAP!

Before we go on to the list of 10 top companies and best jobs for industrial engineers, let’s take a break and explain to the rest of the people who industrial engineers are. After all, some of the younger generations who still haven’t decided what they want to be when they grow up might run into this post and they should have as many information as possible.


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According to many websites, it turns out that industrial engineers are among the most important people in a company. They are both managers and labor workers. Their list of duties is one of the longest among all professions. They are in charge of reviewing the production, make financial plannings and orders, check the quality, pay attention to workers and their progress, work with customers, basically, they are in charge of coordinating the complete progress, from the scratch.

This is a great job oportunity for people who love organizing and noting things down and there are plenty of them. On the other hand, you should be aware that many labor workers hate industrial engineers because they are always around correcting people. Still, many of them start begging for their jobs back as soon as they find out what is like to work as an industrial engineer.

Now, there is one more question remained unanswered and we all know that you are interested in finding it out and that’s the earnings of industrial engineers. According to the Indeed, the average annual salary for industrial engineers in the United States is $70,642.

While searching for 10 top companies and best jobs for industrial engineers, Insider Monkey’s staff that did a research concentrated on two main things and that was the salary and the ranking on the Indeed. Based on the overall score, they are ranked on the list. Besides this two information, Insider Monkey’s staff did one more thing in order to help you out decide on which position to focus. They took the best jobs in this field and placed them by the order.
Now, without any further ado, I give you the list of 10 top companies and best jobs for industrial engineers.

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