100 Best Personal Finance and Investing Blogs for Beginners

Have you ever thought about saving money for your old days or investing in something but you never had a good idea where and how? If so, take a shot with useful tips from 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners Insider Monkey recently published.

It is never early to start saving for days where you won’t be able to work and we both know that, after you retire, your pension would be so low that you will only have for basics. And don’t say that it is enough. Why did you work so hard your whole life? Why did you have only a few hours left for your family and friends and for yourselves each day because you spent more than 12 hours each day on work and trip to and from work? When are you planning to enjoy the life?

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Now, banks worldwide are offering you a retirement policy that is actually your saving fund. Instead of stashing money in a sock drawer, you are giving a certain amount of money on a monthly basis and when it is time for the policy to expire, you get all your money back including the interest that is growing each month or a year, depending on a bank.

Since the Great Financial Crisis in 2008, when investors’ 401ks dropped to 201ks, the market has recovered. The investors covered their loses and it seems like again, people’s money is safe and stocks are ready to be bought. But is it really that easy? First of all, no matter which company we talk about, no one can ever guarantee that the money you invested will be 100% safe there. Each company has its ups and downs and who knows how it will end.

There are some hot companies like Apple, Inc that seem like they are going to rule the market forever, but haven’t we talked about Nokia the same way just one decade earlier? Yes, Nokia brand still stands on the ground and it still launching new phones but how many people have you seen in the last 5 years bringing a new Nokia model? And how fast did you run in the bast 5 years to buy a new model? I was one of the people claiming that I will be faithful to Nokia brand my whole life and ended up saving money for Samsung or Huawei. But I am not an expert on this topic. Unlike people who wrote the blogs Insider Monkey collected. If you would use some tips, here are 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners.

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