11 Airlines With the Worst Safety Records in the Developed World

Are you ready for a vacation? Wait, have you already considered which airlines should you fly with because we have 11 airlines with the worst safety records in the developed world right here.

If we would make a ranking of the safest to the most dangerous ways of traveling, flying would be the number one safest way. Although you might think that it is a way more dangerous than carpooling because when you are in the air you don’t have any control, the truth is slightly different. As a matter effect, the percentage of deaths caused by plane crashes are for 7% less than the ones caused by cars. But, for some reason, people are still too afraid of flying than driving cars.

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The most certain way to track down the unsafe airlines is by consulting the Aviation Safety Network, of course, that has a large database of all flights and plane crashes since 1919. According to their database, the safest year in the last century was 2013 with less than 15 accidents. The second place took the 2016th year with only 19 fatal accidents were about 325 people died. This isn’t much especially if you take into consideration that this database is based on the global level. On the other hand, each year is fatal for car drivers since about 1.2-1.3 million people on annual basis die in some car crash.

So what does the big metal box with propellers and 100 passengers make safer than the four-wheels with 5 passengers? I mean, if you turned it into numbers, it means that not counting survivors, these 1.2 million car passengers were in at least 240,000 cars, which means at least 240,000 car crashes per a year and only 19 plane crashes. Well, first of all, one car can cause several crashes in a second. If you had hit another car, you would automatically harm people in another car. This automatically transfers us to one more point and that’s overcrowding on the streets. And how does this affect it? Well, whenever someone hits another car, there is a chance that people behind those two cars would be caught in a flame of the crash as well as people on sidewalks. On the other hand, the plane is driven by two people, maintenance by several engineers, and when have you seen more than 3 planes at the same time in the sky? On the other hand, not seeing more than 3 cars in one crossroad at the same time means that either it is 3 in the morning during the work week or you are too drunk to realize that you aren’t even at a crossroad.

But even though transportation via airplane seems like the safest way to travel, there are still some airlines that you might want to avoid, at least until they upgrade themselves a bit. To see which 11 airlines with the worst safety records in the developed world are, click on the provided link and you will be automatically transferred to the original report

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