11 Best Countries With Job Opportunities For Foreigners

Everyone is looking for their dream job and lately, many people are seeking for best countries with job opportunities for foreigners.

Since we learned to appreciate ourselves, all of us decided that we won’t be working as slaves. 10-hours shifts with half an hour break, sometimes even working during holidays, changing our lives and expectations and adjusting it to our jobs. That really isn’t a life.


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We started being led by money. Even more than by food. And even when we have enough for ourselves and our families, and even when we have enough financial assets to go out for a dinner once a week and go on holidays, we still think that it isn’t enough. On the other hand, there are many people who can’t find any job in their motherland. And yes, they do try enough. Even more than enough. But employers seek for the horn of a unicorn to hire you. I don’t have any. Do you? The worst kind of employers is the one looking for a young but experienced person. That would mean that a person should have start be working by the age of 15, even without finished high school.

For some reason, everyone has an easier time finding a job in foreign countries than in their own. Employers prefer people who have enough knowledge and skills, but require lower wage.  And because foreigners are not really into economic issues when they look for a job, they settle down for everything that is offered to them just because they don’t want to lose a chance.

To find 11 best countries with job opportunities for foreigners, Insider Monkey’s team included HDI index taken from the UN Human Development Report. For the ones that don’t know what HDI index is, it is the index used to describe the stage of development of a particular country. After that came comparing the unemployment rate via Trading Economic. And, at the end, they found the average wages in each country.

The reason why these are 11 best countries with job opportunities for foreigners is that their economy is very stable and they are in demand for the more working force. Especially because it doesn’t threaten the stability of their systems.
So pack your bags and let’s see the list of 11 best countries with job opportunities for foreigners.

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