11 Best Finance Companies To Work For

For all the financial experts, we give you the list of 11 best finance companies to work for.

Finding a job is hard, but finding the right company to work for is even harder. We live in a time when we basically settle for everything just to get a job and rather decent income, that we slowly start hating our profession and completely forget why we fall in love with it ever.

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Starting with the inflexible working hours. Your contract might state that there should be 8 or 12 working hours per a day or 40 or 60 working hours per a week, but we all know that this is just a fairy tale without the happy ending. Not just that there would be the time when you will have to come earlier to work and go two hours later than it was meant, but you will get house calls to discuss work and the most paperwork would be done from your home. Like being in school again. Besides that, you will have a lot of homework. You will spend your days off researching the market and stocks and learning the new tricks in the finance business.

The next problem that 97% of employees will face, no matter the profession, is the tricky employer. Some of them love their brainchild and will do everything that is in their power to protect and develop them even more. And that’s when you come to the scene.  You didn’t come here just to earn your salary. You were hired to nurture their business like it was your own. To take care of it like you have invested all of your capital in it.
On the other hand, there are the ones that came to the higher position and just want to prove that they are inferior to someone below.
Of course, there will always be exceptions. People who love their business, but also appreciate his employees. This is the employer who won’t wait for you to write a note that you need to get out of work when you get the call from your child’s school, but will immediately tell you to get your bag and run to school and he will take care of the meeting you were supposed to attend. This is the employer who won’t tell you to make up for the day off because you had the doctor’s appointment, but will send you home with an entourage as soon as you get pale.

This happens in each profession. But let’s stay focused and see the 11 best finance companies to work for by Insider Monkey.

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