11 Best Part-Time Jobs With Weekends Off

Just because you can only manage your life with some part-time job, it doesn’t mean that you need to work on weekends as well. So, Insider Monkey found 11 best part-time jobs with weekends off that will bring you money, but also a time for weekend relaxation.

People are usually looking for a part-time job because of more serious reasons than laziness. Either they already have full-time jobs but are looking for some additional earnings because the salary doesn’t cover all of their expenses. Or they are high school or college students that already spend too much time on studying to be able to work 40 hours per a week. Or they are mums without anyone else to take care of their babies while they are at work. But, for some reason, employers tend to take the advantage of people in any of these positions, so they make their part-time employees stay longer at work or even work full time on weekends.

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But just because these people are unable to work full-time during the working week, it doesn’t mean that they should be treated as slaves. Everyone needs a break and, if not necessary, they don’t need to work on weekends, or Sunday, at least. Ok, I get some jobs such as working in grocery stores. People need to buy everyday goods, but it is also very unrealistic to make someone work the whole day, until 9 or even 10 PM.

But explain me something: if someone took a part-time job as a hair stylist or makeup artist, either for fun, extra money, or useful experience, why would they have to work on weekends as well? Ok, I get it if they want some bonus cash or some extra practice, but making any of them working during the weekend is ridiculous. As a person looking for a part-time job, skilled for either hair stylist or makeup artist, you could earn around $9.50 per an hour, which is actually great. So even if you work minimum 10 hours per a day, it means that, at the end of a month, you will have around $400 in your pocket. Does it sound great or what? And even if you compare this salary to someone else’s, you will more-less earn as the average salary of some full-time employee.

If you, on the other hand, aren’t talented for neither of this positions, there are other opportunities for you. Check out these 11 best part-time jobs with weekends off and pick the one you like.

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