11 Best States for Nurse Practitioners

What are the 11 best states for nurse practitioners?

First of all, besides people with this title, do you all know who nurse practitioners are and why do they enjoy more respect than both physicians and registered nurses?


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Nurse practitioners are something between physicians and registered nurses. This means that they are entitled to practice both of their jobs and being paid a lot more for it. Some of them even have higher salaries than physicians. According to the United States Department of  Labor, there are 136,060 nurse practitioners in the US only and the average annual salary for them is $135.830, which is around $65.30.

For this kind of money, what are their duties? Like any other nurse, they are entitled to admitting patients, taking their and their family’s medical history, taking blood samples etc. at the first sight, they seem like regular nurses, right? But no, they aren’t. Besides these duties, they can also examine and diagnose patients and prescribe them drugs, just like any other physician. Their job is actually a lot more relaxing since they work 40 to 50 hours per a week, which is a lot less than physicians and other nurses who are usually working for minimum 80 hours per a week. Nurse practitioners do have to be available for 10 and 24 hours shifts as well, but they enjoy this time more than other medical staff, that’s for sure.

There are different ranks of advanced nurse practitioners: nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, and nurse practitioners.

As nurse midwives, they are taking care of women during their pregnancies and after they give birth to their babies. They can also prescribe birth control and they usually work three or four shifts per a week.

Nurse anesthetists are allowed to give anesthesia to patients and are obligated to inform them about possible symptoms.

Definitely, the best part of being nurse practitioners is being allowed to open your own office and practice medicine by yourself. Unlike nurses working 12-hours shifts in hospitals, nurse practitioners are usually more pleasant and better with people, which is why so many people enjoy going to their offices. Doctors, on the other hand, usually make themselves too important and not able to receive all patients from their waiting rooms and even if they do, they usually don’t pay a lot of attention to them. Unlike them, nurse practitioners will always have patients in their offices.

But let’s see now what are the 11 best states for nurse practitioners.

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