11 Best States for Nurse Practitioners

If you want to be a nurse, do you know more about the best states for nurse practitioners? A nurse practitioner is an advanced nurse who does not need the director oversight of a physician. In 18 states they can practice medicine independently.

Medical nurses work in the field of health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Their patients are children, adults, and older adults. They work in very different workplaces – from patronage to intensive care units – sometimes on their own, sometimes in a team, and sometimes they help doctors. Some nurses are mainly engaged in nursing care, and other organizations or classes. Because of this, there are great differences in the work of different nurses. But what is common to all sisters is a systematic approach to discovering and solving health problems from their scope. They observe and evaluate the physical and psychological state and behavior of their patients. They thus recognize the need for nursing care and provide necessary data to doctors to identify and monitor the course of the disease. Identify health risks and the ability of patients and their families to participate actively in care and treatment. By all this, they plan, implement and evaluate the success of nursing care. Most nurses work in hospitals. They help their patients in alleviating, resolving and submitting problems that they have due to illness, prescribed search, treatment, hospital stay and separation from the family. Often they are worried about the search and are looking forward to the findings. Treatments can cause problems such as loss of hair or nausea. Many patients find it difficult to stay in the hospital – they do not work in the new environment, they do not know to whom the staff can contact, and there are other patients who can be gravely ill, nervous or dying. Many diseases, especially chronic, require a change in lifestyle and the application of new skills after being discharged from the hospital. That’s why nurses need to prepare patients for independent living at home – they teach them, for example, proper diet, self-control of glucose, how to take medication and many others, depending, of course, on the disease. Since some tasks in the field of nursing care are carried out by auxiliary staff, nurses teach them and organize and monitor their work. Hospital nurses also conduct or participate in the implementation of many medical procedures, from different ways of administering drugs. One of the best states for nurse practitioners is Tennessee. In Tennessee, nurse practitioner earns $44.96 per hour. Another one is Kentucky. In this state, nurses practitioners earn $45.74 per hour, and the cost of living index is 90.5.

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