11 Biggest Construction Companies in Europe

Which are the biggest construction companies in Europe? Europe is filled with lovely buildings and has a rich history of interesting architecture. The construction companies in European countries have a lot to live up to, and they often manage to meet the challenges. Some of these companies started decades earlier in the early 19th century and built up their cities bit by bit. Whether shaping the skyline of the city or the coastline of the sea resort, European construction companies are thinking up new ways to maintain the charm.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The construction business is one of huge responsibility and represents millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs for the economy. For the normal person, it offers an opportunity to live and work in lovely buildings and residences. These companies also build schools, hospitals, casinos, tunnels, power plants, and anything else that our cities require. The largest construction companies in Europe have literally built cities from scratch.

One example would be Vinci SA, a French company founded in 1955. It is involved in all kinds of construction projects other than buildings, such as public transportation, bridges, pipelines, airports, etc. It is easily one of the largest companies in Europe and is well-known over the world. Vinci’s most famous contributions to the landscape of Europe are the new entrance to the Louvre, Paris, the Normandie Bridge, and the Montparnasse Tower. Another big European construction company would be Skanska. This Swedish company is one of the oldest construction companies in the continent. The company operates in the Nordic countries as well as in Eastern Europe. Skansa is known for its construction of St. Mary Axe and the Heron Tower in London.

A third example is Ferrovial, a Spanish company specializing in transportation infrastructure. Ferrovial works with the construction of roads, airports, highways, railways, hydraulic projects, and other similar projects. Ferrovial is well-known for the construction of the Madrid-Barajas Airport and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. For more on the biggest construction companies in Europe, check out our list. The data is taken from Genie Belt, which lists data regarding the biggest construction companies in Europe for several years. The criteria for the list was based on revenue, net income, market capitalization, and employee count.

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