11 Cheapest Places To Fly Into Europe From US

Which are the Cheapest Places to Fly into Europe from the US? Summer is here and some people might love to travel to Europe for the holidays. You can check out the list of the cheapest places to fly from the US to Europe. While going through the prices of flights, we had an idea that transcontinental flights were expensive, but they are shockingly even costlier than expected. Low-cost carriers like Ryanair Holdings plc, WizzAir, and EasyJet cost $11. But payment is charged for the extra luggage, as it allows one to carry only one carry bag. The flight is overcrowded, the snacks are also overpriced, and the comfort level is also less. But as it is a low-cost flight, it is the one most suitable for students.

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Now, for this list, we used ‘Google flights’ to search for the flights. Four of the largest cities, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York are included, in the search for flights to Europe from these cities. The month selected for this trip was July. The prices may also differ according to the starting point, i.e. if the distance is longer, the price of the flight will be more and it will also depend on the time taken. The list contains the cheapest cities to fly from the US to Europe.

Stockholm, Brussels, and London are among the Cheapest Places to fly into Europe from the US. The first city is Stockholm and the average price of the flight is $761. The flights from New York start at $519. From L.A and Chicago, the WOW offers flight at $519 (Norwegian). JetBlue Airways Corporation offers flights from Houston at $1,164. The average price comes to $829. Flights conducted to Brussels from New York by the WOW flights start from $600 and $680, respectively. The flights of Iceland air from Chicago offers process at $747 and from Houston, the JetBlue costs about $1,289. THE average price is $838.These prices are for the month July, cheaper flights can also be found in Google flight. Icelander has a flight to London from New York, and the price starts at $593. Other flights to London from Chicago and Los Angeles cost about $890 and $810. From Houston, JetBlue Airways Corporation flight to London starts from $1,059. Take a look at the others in this article.

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