11 Countries That Have The Most Child Labor

Now we have brought an article about countries that have the most child labor. It’s always heart-breaking to read about children who are forced to work from a very young age. So I can imagine that the author of the article also was in the same emotional situation when writing Insider Monkey’s article.

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The number of child labor has decreased globally since 2000, but those horrible numbers are still shocking: approximately 85 million children have to do dangerous work. According to ILO child labor among girls has declined by 40% since 2000, comparing to  20%  for boys. These numbers and statistics are better, much better of course, but still there are lots to be done in connection with child labor. Not only does the labor work threat young girls, but forced marriages, too. According to Human Rights Watch Report, one in nine girls is forced to marry before the age of 15.

Although children are our future, they will bring us and the world new things, and hopefully the peace as well – we still do not deal with this problem in a proper way. It’s high for every each of to awake and get informed the consequences of child labor. We need to do against it what we can. Now let’s see Insider Monkey’s results. We have picked three countries from their list: Senegal, Ecuador, and Bangladesh.  The statistics show terrible 59.9% in Senegal. Thousands of children are forced to beg in the streets of Dakar, Senegal. An enormous number of parents sent their children to Dakar so their children can gain religious knowledge, unfortunately, those children end up on streets begging barefoot, in clothes they wear every day for several months. Because they work on streets, they are exposed to sexual harassment every day. The number in Ecuador is 66.7%. It’s shocking. Children here are exposed to worst forms of child labor. They work on banana plantations and they are used for sexual exploitation. The Government blames the lack of labor instructors and therefore, the children stay unprotected. Human Rights Watch did an investigation on child labor in Ecuador and found out that children start working on plantations from the age of eight. The situation they work is hazardous because the children are exposed to dangerous pesticides and they have to use machetes… It’s hard to imagine child of eight holding a machete. The next horrible statistics is from Bangladesh, it’s 68.7% here. The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) presents one of the largest surveys on child labor conducted in Dhaka. Not only the majority of children are sleeping in the urban slums, but their working hours go well beyond 64 hours per week. Two-thirds of girl laborers are working in garments sector, which makes you think that lots of us are wearing these clothes even right now.

This article won’t e easy to read through, but we recommend 11 countries that have the most child labor

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