11 Current Topics for Debate Competition

What are the Current Topics for Debate Competition? Debating is a great way to pass the time or to learn to speak fluently if you are learning a new language as long as everyone accepts to have a difference in opinion and nothing gets out of hand. We have created a list of the Current Topics for Debate Competition. It’s all the more fun for school and college students to take part in a debate. If you’re wondering about what should be the topic for your next debate, take a look at this article. We have got you covered. We have included topics ranging from many subjects, such as airport safety and introverts. These are suitable for pretty much all age groups and all situations, be it casual or formal. Even if you are not interested in debates or in debating, you can go through these questions to see where you stand. Your opinion might be valuable some day.

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The topics have been sourced from Procon, New York Times, and Reader’s Digest, so you can be sure we have got some really great and interesting topics here for you. Before terrorist attacks became so frequent, airport security was not this big a deal. But, today, airports have become one of the most secure places in the country. Due to awareness about inclusion and diversity, the media and marketers put out content which is not discriminating in any way. Even the Great Depression is discussed! With the discovery of new planets and the possibility of life in them, we have found a whole new genre for debating. Some of the issues are new while the others have been discussed for a long time now. We have come far in some things like civil rights, women’s and black rights, but we still have far to go. Read on to see what interesting topics you find.

Does life exist, or has it ever existed, on other planets?, Should the penny, nickels, dimes and quarters be eliminated to use debit or credit cards only?, Do mothers who work outside of the home have a negative effect on their children? and Should you care about the health and safety of those making your clothing?
These are some of the topics you can have a healthy debate on. Read the entire list for more ideas. All the best!

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