11 Easiest Countries to Live and Work Illegally

When the financial situation is bad in the country you live in or you can’t find a job at all, the only solution that the majority of people see is going somewhere abroad and work on a ’’black market’’ and here are 11 easiest countries to live and work illegally.

We lost our track. We lost the real values. Instead of taking care of friendship, family, and health, we started to believe that the bigger profit we have, the happier we will be.  I don’t claim that we don’t need money at all. I am just saying that we don’t need to be billionaires to be happy. If you ask them to be completely honest, none of them really is.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Even though we know that we still find money one of the greatest components in life. This is true in one sense. We need money to buy food, clothes, medications, to make our lives better in every sense. Who cares, we need money to get wasted once a month and forget about everything around us. It is our business and no one can stop us. But is it really worth it? I mean, leaving everything you have behind just to make more money? I know many people who lost their family because of that. With the increase of illegal employees, the rate of divorces jumped.  To be honest, I am one of them. I couldn’t stand the feeling of being left behind. I am not a jealous type but I really don’t see the point of marriage if one of the spouses isn’t around. I am still single in a way.

Nevertheless, many cases of going abroad are caused by the lack of opened job positions. I know a lot of people who are applying for every job, from high positions in some big company to clean the street. And they still ended up unemployed. I really don’t get it. Almost every employer requires some previous experience. Sure, they are thinking about their company. But how do they expect from a young person to have some experience if no one is willing to give them a chance to gain that experience? On the other hand, every country loves foreigners because they are willing to work for a lot lower wage than the locals. And here is the list of 11 easiest countries to live and work illegally.

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