11 Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

Looking for a job but you don’t know where to start because of the lack of skills and experience? Let me tell you a story about 11 easy jobs that pay well without experience. Not a fairytale.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Finding a job is a nightmare and finding the first job is even worse. I remember when I was starting out. I have no idea how much time I spent on writing CV that, when I look at it now, looks awful, and how many applications I sent and I got only one response. Of course, that was a company that wanted to hire someone without experience and there were many candidates taken into consideration. Besides that one interview that took my breath away, there were 7 more to pass to get into the narrowest pick. I stopped carrying after the fourth interview. At the end, I was hired by an insurance company as a trainee and it lasted for 3 months only. I had to be honest with myself. No matter how desperate for money I was, I couldn’t knock on people’s door like Jehowa’s witness and told them about the worst things that could happen to them just to sell them an insurance policy.

After those three months, the struggle for finding another job started again. The worst part is that it seemed to me at the time that everyone else around me was accepted somewhere. Everyone, except for me. But I have never given up. At the end, I found freelancing as my call, especially because of the widest choice of options and job opportunities. At the same time, I could work as a writer, teacher, psychologist, virtual assistant, support, and many other things that I liked but in every company that I applied earlier required a degree or at least the certificate.

I don’t know if those people who are supposed to hire you to remember how they felt when they had to find their first job. It’s not like the spot waited for them as soon as they finished high school/college. They also struggled to get in and they know how it felt when their potential employer asked for previous experiences and denied their application because of it. It was pretty discouraging for them as well so I have no idea why they are requiring it from their applicants. The willingness to learn how to do the job is the most important thing, at least in my opinion. Luckily, there are still some jobs that don’t require previous experience and the salaries are not bad as well. So take a look at 11 easy jobs that pay well without experience that I found very useful.

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