11 Fastest Ways to Get Rich Without a College Degree

Every college dropout mentions big names in a tech industry when they decide to leave the years of studying behind them, but, unfortunately, they usually end up doing some meaningless jobs for a minimum wage instead of earning big, like people they admired so far. But fortunately for them, there are 11 fastest ways to get rich without a college degree that can put you at high ladders, right next to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Just two decades ago, you had to spend years and years on studying to get the best grades because every employer that would interview you is only going to be focused on that piece of paper. The person that graduated with highest grades and got the most certificates would get the chance to step into his/her own office.

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Nowadays, things are completely different. Although some public sectors still demand this paperwork and college credits, the majority of big companies are looking for a people with experience and vision. They don’t care where you went to school or college, they don’t care about your passing grades, and they definitely don’t care about your certificates you got on the side or by doing some volunteering. The only thing they see in you is your potential and previous experience.

The benefit of this kind of business doing is that you get to transfer from one profession to another and be able to thrive in each one of them. If we would still live in the 80s and 90s, we would have to remain focused on only one subject in life and let the other interests fade since we wouldn’t have that much time even to have it as a hobby.
And how to do that? For example, I am a freelancer. I have studied foreign languages in school and later on continued my education as a teacher. But, since my passion was always to work as a reporter, I found a job that fit my needs in that moment and I started writing. In a meantime, I got several different offers that also included writing, but on a higher level and, as always, employers are willing to teach you to do things their way so you could catch up and join the team. And, although I never got bored by doing my job, I always wanted to advance, which is why I used all the skills I had and accepted a job that required, besides writing and language knowledge, SEO and CEO, as well as e-commerce. And that all happened within four months. Imagine what kind of new experiences would I get if it went like that for 4 years! But I always knew that I should have to start small in order to get big some day. And it wasn’t only me. Ok, I do now earn an average teacher’s salary, but there are people out there that, just by using their creativity, built a billion dollar empire. And that wasn’t just pure luck. There were lots of sacrifices, but they pulled it through. And you could do it too. You can think of your own ways, or you can simply try some of 11 fastest ways to get rich without a college degree that Insider Monkey compiled so far.

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