11 Good Mixed Drinks to Order at a Bar

Keep reading about the 11 good mixed drinks to order at a bar. Do you like drinking cocktails? Do you have difficulties in choosing the best mixed drink at a bar?  Now it’s your chance to do so, as Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find the great answers for the question. Summer is here, you are happy to survive those cold winter months and you would like to sit in the sun, next to the swimming pool, or go out somewhere cool with your friends. When I was younger I lived in a beautiful, small town and there was a fantastic restaurant nearby. There were plants everywhere in the little yard, so it was really enjoyable to go there. And there worked a bartender from whom you didn’t need to order. He just came up to your table, watched you carefully, and couple of minutes later – he brought your cocktail or mixed drink! It was amazing. He always found out my thoughts, and was never mistaken. When I asked why he brought that certain mixed drink, or cocktail, he explained with my mood, my clothes, and so on. It was funny, and cute. I loved going there.

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We have picked three mixed drinks from Insider Monkey’s article now. If you like Vodka, then you will love Screwdriver,  this simple and very tasty two-ingredient mixed drink. Aside from the great and sweet taste, there is a bright yellow color of this drink to fulfill the picture of the beach behind you while you drinking it up in the crowd at the dreary bar. Plus, literally, every bartender knows how to make it. As the matter of fact, you can also prepare it at home easily, even now, if you have a vodka and orange juice in the freezer. How about some Irish Coffe?  If you know that one of the most popular drinks, whiskey, comes from the Ireland, you will get a clue. This drink is literally a mix of the hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and cream. The drink looks like the frappe. Margarita was one of the favorite drinks of the Friends in the TV show. If you order it in a bar, they will add a triple sec, ice and serve it in a glass with the sugar or salt on the glass rim. The best taste this drink gets is when the ice is blended or the whole cocktail is prepared in a blender, which makes the preparation even easier.

For any further useful information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about 11 good mixed drinks to order at a bar.

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