11 High Paying Jobs for Introverts without a Degree or Experience

What are the High Paying Jobs for Introverts without a Degree or Experience? If you do not have a degree and you are an introvert, you might find it a bit difficult find a job of your liking. We have come up with this list of the High Paying Jobs for Introverts without a Degree or Experience. Being an introvert does not mean being uncomfortable or shy when around. It a bit more than that which is why one should not try to force them into hanging out with a crowd when they are not at ease. There is nothing wrong in wanting to avoid the crowd and be alone. Unfortunately, it is a fact that introverts are anxious most of the time, which makes job hunting more difficult.

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To know more about them, we read the book “Self-Promotion for Introverts: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead” written by Nancy Ancowitz. We found out that introverts are not necessarily shy. They just prefer to listen than to talk. We came to understand that they do not mind talking to people in social situations. It just that they would rather talk to one person at a time than to a group helping them concentrate on the topic of conversation better. Check out the test from the Quiet Revolution to see if you are an introvert or an extrovert.
We checked out some websites, such as Loner Wolf, SkilledUp, and Forbes. Reddit provided valuable information as well. We selected the most rewarding jobs while keeping an eye on the pay as well. We have ranked the list according to the pay scale.

Social Media Manager, House Painter, and Writer/Blogger are a few of the High Paying Jobs for Introverts without a Degree or Experience. Social Media Managers earn about $20 an hour. You will not have to interact with people directly and the pay is good. You will be responsible for coming up with eye catching content and publishing it. You will have to available online and talk to people over the media’s network. House Painters get $16 an hour. As introverts are usually artistic, this could be an excellent job for them. As a Writer/Blogger, you will be able to earn about $15 an hour. If you are interested in writ8ing, you can get started. You hardly need any tools or such to set you up. You can write about your life, challenges you have faced, or about more general topics such as health, lifestyle, shopping, and more.

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